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HT Plastic Minnow Scoop

Plastic W/Disgorger [more]

HT Lock-On Rod Stand

Wire form. Foam protects rod handle or blank from wire form. Clips to any size rod handle or blank. [more]

Eagle Claw Tip-Up Line Marker

Line marker tip-up. Ideal for marking your line. Helps maintain depth on tip ups. Can be used as bobbers. [more]

HT Floating Minnow Net

No more wet, cold hands while trying to retrieve a minnow net that slides to the bottom of the pail. HT's floating minnow net suspends the handle above the surface of the water, helping the angler get bait more efficiently. [more]

HT Tip-Up Linemarkers

Used as a "marker" on the line, not as a float. With Linemarkers, it is easy to re-set your line after a fish bites. 1/2" diameter 100 per bag. [more]

HT Fluorescent Orange Spring Bobber
$1.29 - $2.59

An extremely sensitive, flat, spring steel bobber that attaches easily to the tip of any jig pole. Includes instructions. [more]

HT Fluorescent Super Sensitive Spring Bobber

A "super sensitive", custom-designed, coil spring bobber that attaches easily to the tip of any jig pole. Blaze orange tip. Instructions for attachment are included. [more]

HT Sponge Floats

These Bobbers are made of squeezable Sponge Rubber that is virtually indestructible. Bobbers thread on line with "pick" for sure positioning. [more]

HT Wire Spring Bobber

Attaches to the tip of any jig pole. Instructions included. [more]

HT Tip-Up Spool
$1.69 - $2.19

A multi-purpose spool that can be used on both wind and underwater tip-ups. Made of virtually indestructible material that withstands cold temperatures. [more]

Mr Heater Lantern Accessories
$1.69 - $17.99

These replacement gaslight mantles work with the Mr. Heater BaseCamp Pro Series lights. Choose between preformed mantle and soft mantle. Replacement pyrex globe also available. It works with any Mr. Heater indoor propane gaslight. It is half frosted and made of heat-resistant glass. Measures… [more]

Schooleys Original Spring Bobbers
$1.69 - $3.39

Stainless steel. [more]

Vexilar Xducer Float Stopper

The Vexilar Replacement Ice-Ducer Float Stopper is a replacement stopper for the Vexilar Ice-Ducer System floats. Each package contains two float stoppers. [more]

Custom Jigs Chekai Tungsten Jigs
$1.79 - $3.49

Checkai (Check-Eye) - Available in 12 HOT colors combinations and 4 sizes, the Checkai jig is made from 100% TUNGSTEN, also utilizing Premium Owner hooks, so it falls quick and shows up big on locators. You will get a ton of action from this compact jig that is a great choice for all Panfish… [more]

HT Rod Bells With Light Stick Holder

Rod Bells With Light Stick Holder & Chemi-lightstick [more]

HT Teardrop With Slit Styrofloats

Two-tone fluorescent. [more]

HT Jumbo Minnow Net

Jumbo Minnow Net has a jumbo sized white mesh net and heavy duty coated handle. [more]

K&E Decoy Pin

Keep your bait lively! Use this pin for large sucker minnows. Made from quality components. [more]

Lindy Techni-Glo & Go-Fer-It Depthfinders

We've broken the traditional mold for clamp-on depth finders with this lifelike quick-sinking rodent! Lindy's novel GO-FER IT is the ticket for setting slip-bobber and tip-up depth. It boasts red Techni-Glo eyes. And its high-quality clip with perfectly fitting teeth ensures a more reliable bite!… [more]

HT Alligator Depthfinders
$1.99 - $40.99

DFA-50 - Bulk. Two tone. DFA-2 -1 oz. [more]

HT Slab Master Bobbers

Features a ultra-sensitive coil spring design, hi-vis blaze orange tip, fully adjustable, and an easy on/off soft rubber snap design that easily attaches to even the lightest micro tipped ice rod. Easily detaches to prevent bending or breaking during storage. Two pieces per package-one "micro" and… [more]

HT Wire Rod Holder
$1.99 - $3.29

Great for holding that second jig rod securely, yet the rod is still easily accessible when a fish strikes. Neon orange. [more]

Leland Mini Magnet Jig Head
$1.99 - $2.39

Leland's Mini Magnet Jig Heads are specially designed to work with Mini Magnet soft plastic lures (sold separately). These shad-dart style jigs feature a size 14 hook and are perfect for targeting trout and panfish. 1/200 ounce and 5 per pack. [more]

Custom Jigs Wedgee

A wispy thin piece of Finesse Plastic with anise scent for added attraction. The Wedgee will take the place of live bait when fish like crappie and bluegill want something a little different. [more]

HT Dual Hook Quick Strike Rigs

Equipped with 2 two-tone fluorescent blades and are made with super strong braided wire leaders. [more]

HT Spring Clip Depthfinders

Spring Clip Depthfinders [more]

K&E Moon Jigs
$2.09 - $6.59

Various color options to choose from. [more]

K&E Tapiola Tungsten Jigs
$2.09 - $2.69

The tungsten design adds a semi-balanced design with a flat bottom and curved top. The shape causes an erratic darting action, irresistible to all panfish. [more]

Eagle Claw Slab Stopper

Eagle Claw Slab Stopper Spring Bobbers indicate even the lightest bites. These Spring Bobbers fit into the tip top guides on ice fishing rods. The foam ends provide a custom fit in a wide range of tip top sizes. [more]

1029 Results
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