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Boat Maintenance Supplies

Marine Master Iron Style Scrub Brush
Crimped, white, polypropylene bristles set in a durable plastic block. Easy to hold, with a pointed end to clean difficult areas.
Star Brite Boat Wash
Biodegradable formula safely cleans dirt and grime off fiberglass, metal, plastics, vinyl and all painted surfaces.
Gorilla Tape
Gorilla Tape is 3X stronger* for a hold that lasts. Made with double-thick adhesive, strong reinforced backing, and a tough all-weather shell, this duct tape is great for projects and repairs both indoors and out. Gorilla tape sticks to smooth, rough and uneven surfaces, including wood, stone, stucco, brick, metal and vinyl.
Sea Foam Bugs B Gone
Bugs B Gone is a highly versatile auto and truck cleaner that is specially formulated to safely remove bugs and other organic residues from windshields, front grilles, bumpers or any vehicle surface. Bugs-B-Gone cleans bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, mold, mildew, exhaust soot, tough road grime and brake dust from your vehicle's chrome, plastic and painted surfaces. When sprayed on, Bugs-B-Gone chemically neutralizes the acid in bug remains, exhaust soot and road grime, softening and loosening them within 30 to 45 seconds. The addition of water activates Bugs-B-Gone making it a highly effective detergent, which lifts that dirt and grime so it easily washes away.
Meguiar's Boat Wash Gel
$7.69 - $33.99
Rich, biodegradable wash formula gently lifts boat scum, dirt, salt spray, grime, bird droppings and other loose contaminants without stripping wax protection. Sheeting action greatly reduces drying time.
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Removes mold, mildew, rust stains and more! Boat-D-Funk is versatile. It will remove stubborn mold and mildew, rust stains, dirt, grease, etc. It will keep everything in your boat looking new and smelling fresh! Safe for live wells; environmentally friendly. Boat-D-Funk is not only remarkably effective, it's also environmentally friendly. It's even safe to use Boat-D-Funk in your bait well and live well! The unique formula is free of bleach and harsh chemicals so you can use it on-board with no concerns.
3M Marine Adhesive/Sealant
$9.99 - $27.99
This high-performance polyurethane adhesive/sealant becomes tack free in 48 hours, completely cures in 5-7 days with no shrinkage.
Star Brite No Damp Dehumidifier
No Damp Dehumidifier is the effortless way to help control the excessive humidity that leads to musty odors, stains or corrosion aboard stored boats, RVs or seasonal homes. The special pellets automatically remove moisture from the air, depositing it safely in the convenient container. Great for cabins, heads, closets, and other enclosed spaces.
Star Brite Silicone Sealant
$10.49 - $16.99
100% marine grade silicone, wont turn yellow. Remains flexible from -70oF to +480oF. Bonds to fiberglass, plastic, wood, glass and metal. Unaffected by sunlight, weathering, most chemicals and solvents. Will not shrink or sag. Can be removed easily. excellent for deck hardware. Special marine formula can be used above and below the waterline. Dries tack free in less than one hour, cures completely in 24 hours.
Star Brite Vinyl Shampoo
Quickly removes dirt, stains and grease. Use on vinyl-coated canvas, chairs, cushions and foul weather gear. Gets out deeply embedded grime. Excellent for all interior and exterior vinyl. Concentrated Formula Removes Dirt & Grime. Biodegradable. Restores Original Bright, Fresh Color. Makes Old Vinyl Look Great Again. Contains No Harsh Chemicals. Cleans All Vinyl Surfaces, including: Vinyl Tops and Interiors, Vinyl Fabrics, Vinyl Furniture & Upholstery, Vinyl Clothing, Shoes, Laminated Vinyl Appliances and also Cleans Mica Surfaces.
H&M Corrosion Block®
$10.99 - $27.99
Prevents and blocks rust and corrosion. Penetrates quickly and loosens seized particles. Long lasting lubrication qualities. Protects electronic equipment.
Invincible Marine All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner 32oz Spray Bottle.
Invincible Marine Bilge And Deodorizer
Bilge Cleaner and Deodorizer 32oz.
Invincible Marine Wash And Wax
Wash and Wax w/Corrosion Blocker 32oz.
Marine Master Deck-Style Scrub & Wash Brushes
$10.99 - $13.49
Premium wood grain plastic blocks with wrap-around safety bumpers. Compatible with any quick connect/disconnect or standard threaded handle. Will not split, crack, splinter, or break. Will not slip when wet.
Meguiar's Quick Boat Spray Wax
The spray wax method can quickly add protection and gloss to large surfaces typical on boats and RV's. Whether the surface is wet or dry, this specialized formulation will create a brilliant gloss while adding wax protection. Suitable for use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, stainless steel, and clear plastics. *Use wax only after surface has been cleaned & restored to a "like new" or "average" finish.
Star Brite Instant Black Streak Remover
Instantly removes black streaks caused by water run off. Safe for use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Just spray on, let work and hose off. Contains no harsh acids or alkalies. Cleans by patented process of chelation. Can be used for 1,000's of other tough cleaning jobs - bathrooms, tubs, showers, etc.
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$10.99 - $17.49
Before adding fresh water to tank, add 1 fluid ounce of AQUA Water Treatment & Freshener for every 20 gallons of potable water to be treated then fill tank. Use as often as needed.
Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover
Removes mildew stains on contact. Works like magic. Simple spray on application. Use on headliners, vinyl covers, cushions, etc.
Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner With Teflon®
Foams out ground-in dirt and stains. Safe to use, contains no harsh chemicals. Leaves a protective coating to repel dirt and stains. No hard scrubbing or rubbing.
Abso Travel Size Chamois
Use it anywhere you'd use a sponge, towel, or a chamois. Tough & lintless. Great as a towel at the beach or on boats. Resistant to most chemicals. Unharmed by grease and oil.
Invincible Marine Mildew Cleaner & Stain Remover
Mildew Cleaner and Stain Remover 32oz Spray Bottle.
Star Brite 32Oz Boat Wash
Removes dirt, oil and grease from fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Biodegradable. Concentrated for economical use. Citrus extract formula is tough on dirt but gentle to the surface being cleaned. Will not remove wax or polish. Works in fresh and salt water.
Star Brite Ultimate Fiberglass Stain Remover Spray
$11.99 - $21.99
Maximum cleaning power. Eliminates "yellowing" and waterline stains. Completely covers for dissolving power. Works on all fiberglass and painted surfaces.
Gorilla Glue
Imported. Incredibly strong and versatile; The leading multi-purpose waterproof glue. Best for tough repairs on dissimilar surfaces, both indoors and out. 100% Waterproof; Doesn't break down when exposed to outdoor elements. Versatile; Easily bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass, concrete and much more! Incredibly Strong: Expands 3 times into the materials to form an incredibly strong bond
Star Brite Rust/Stain Remover
Easy to use spray on formula. No rubbing or scrubbing required. Safe for use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Removes rust drip stains and sprinkler rust deposits. This product is so good it is unbelievable. Removes rust stains so common on boats in seconds.
Star Brite Saltoff With Ptef
Removes salt deposits from all marine surfaces Use as a motor flush in I/O and outboard engines Rinses away salt buildup on hulls, decks, rails, towers, trailers, diving equipment, rods, reels and more Leaves a protective PTEF® coating to prevent future salt damage. PTEF® is Star brite's registered trademark name for polytetraflouroethylene. 0226-0055:This is a concentrate for refilling spray bottle or in filling hose applicator.
No Image
Microfiber material is highly absorbent yet super soft, so it will not scratch gelcoat or painted surfaces. Use wet for washing, dry for dusting.
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