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Jabs Custom Calls Goose Call
Custom designed, high quality, and made to order! When you hear it, you'll be surprised! Available in a variety of colors. Includes call, storage bag and lanyard.
Jabs Custom Calls Duck Call
Custom, high quality duck call - made to order. Includes storage bag and lanyard. Your choice of Cocobolo, African Burbinga, Rosewood, or American Chestnut wood. (May take 2-4 weeks for shipping).
Cane Creek Calls Pro Custom Box Call
This is a double sided box handcrafted of choice poplar and walnut with beechwood paddle. They are tuned and tested before shipping. They have high-raspy yelps that break over with loud popping cuts and cackles to soft purrs and clucks.
Description Bone Head was born to rule the rut! Hand crafted from cherry with the new non freeze multi-tone reed system simply is the easiest call to blow to get those confrontational grunts. At the bottom of the barrel is a exhaust whole which allows you to close up the the call to produce rich deep throaty love crazed moans,clicks,grunts. This call is a must for the deer hunter that demands realism. Put a tag on em! Categories Deer Calls Keywords Deer rut, call, hand crafted, cherry, deer hunter
Description The cutter magnum is made from four full reeds of .003 latex and aluminum frame. My frames allow you to bend the call to fit your mouth sealing off all air flow. . It has a deep inverted "V" cut and is truly a cutter call. Great for giving you super rasp, hard clucks, hard cutting and cackles. This call is recommended for the seasoned caller that loves to push the call past it's limits. Categories Mouth Calls
Description This call is made from hand selected wild cherry. With my newest ribbed fourteen sided slate over glass pot. I use the best deep minded Pennsylvania slate cut and measured to perfection. This call runs easy produces double true tone yelps,clucks,nosily purrs. Many gobblers take their Final Fly down from the roost they can't resist the sweet hen sounds. This call is a must for every turkey hunters vest. Categories Friction Calls Keywords wild cherry, turkey call, friction, gobblers, hen sounds
Description Limb Shaker was hatched to wreck gobblers from the roost or late day locating! With 3.5 reeds of straight nasty high to low raspy yelps,clucks,cuts, purrs true tone hen sounds. Call with an attitude and listen to who responds to you! This call Is a must for the hunter who wants to talk turkey. Categories Mouth Calls Keywords mouth turkey call, gobblers, turkey clucks, purrs, talk turkey
Description The Mountain Mama was born in the hills of West Virginia! Made with the best latex and tape stretched to perfection.This three reed screams turkey from high ball realism raspy yelps,nasally clucks, kee kee's,seductive purrs. Built with a aluminum frame allows the caller to bend and form the call to there mouth. If your next turkey hunt requires you to take country roads bring along one of the deadliest calls in the woods! Categories Mouth Calls Keywords latex and tape, mouth call, turkey, gobbler
Description This call is made from hand selected purple heart and furniture grade mahogany. This call is my dugged out box call with a handle. Being double sided one side gives you high pitch notes of the hen and the other is just plain nasty raspy sounds.Holding on to the handle makes this call a great locator call to cut real hard and aggressive especially on windy days.This call is a must to add to you turkey arsenal! Categories Box Calls Keywords Turkey, dug out, box, call, purple heart, mahogany, nasty raspy sounds
Description This mouth call is made with two pieces of heavy .004 latex and aluminum frame with a split on each side. My frames allow you to bend the call to fit your mouth sealing off all air flow. The double reed split is great for old hen yelps, purrs and early morning tree calling. This call is recommended for the beginner or a hunter that likes an ol' girl who is in charge. Categories Mouth Calls Keywords hen turkey call, latex, aluminum, double reed split, hunter
Description This call is made from hand selected American Black Walnut. Versatile double-sided call combines the sweet yelps, clucks, seductive purrs from slate on one side. And the raspy sound of glass on the other. You get two turkeys in one that's how this call earned it's name. This call will play as loud or soft as you want. This is one of our pro-staff favorites. Call comes with a purple heart striker. Categories Friction Calls Keywords American Black Walnut, turkey striker call, double
Description Wall hanger hand crafted maple and walnut deer call has been made to imitate the various sounds of the whitetail. It's versatile enough to make not only the sounds of the buck, but also that of the doe and fawn. Different pitches can be made by detaching the barrel off and adjusting the "O" ring up and down. Fawn bleats, doe bawls, trail grunts, tending grunts and rutting grunts can all be made with this call. Categories Deer Calls Keywords Grunt, tube, Wall hanger, maple, deer call, whitetail, doe bawls, tending grunts
Description This call is made with 3 pieces of .004 smoking gray latex and aluminum frame. My frames allow you to bend the call to fit your mouth sealing off all air flow. . We have given this call a V cut and have trimmed the wings slightly back on each side of the V. This gives the X-treme hen the pure power realism hunters search for in their yelping. A true high controllable call that can do it all! Categories Mouth Calls Keywords gray latex and aluminum frame, hen call, yelping
Cane Creek Calls Turkey Calls
C. C. SMOKER: Designed by field rep Chad Campbell this call was two years in the making. The yelps, cuts, and cackles would satisfy the most demanding competition caller and very easy to blow. This one is a winner! CANE CUTTER: A triple reed call with a "V" cut. This call is very raspy. Use for cutts, cackles, yelps and clucks. Also good for the assembly call. DEAD END: Our reps say this just may be our best mouth call yet, I would have to agree. Great yelps, cuts, cackles, clucks, and purrs. LOST POULT: A Call with high-pitched kee kees followed by perfect yelps. This call has excellent purrs and is very easy to blow. Great for spring or fall.
Hunters Specialties Rubline Grunt Call
The Rubline Grunt Call is easy to master and capable of making soft or loud vocalizations of both young and mature bucks. Made in the U.S.A., the deer call features a custom maple-wood barrel with a European-style whitetail deer logo. The quiet, flexible tube has a flared end for secure grip and control. Easily alter the direction and tone of the call by flexing the tube and cupping your hand around the end. Includes lanyard.
Primos Sonic Dome? Elk Calls
$7.89 - $8.19
Simple and dependable You're going to love the way this call works. The Sonic Dome® Series has been designed so the call is automatically positioned correctly in your mouth. The dome gives you a consistent distance between the reeds and the roof of the dome, for an incredibly consistent sound. The Sonic Dome® Series calls use latex reeds. These calls will do it all. The Single has one Latex Reed and Reproduces cow, calf and satellite bull sounds. The Double has Two Latex Reeds and Reproduces Estrus? cow and herd bulls sounds. The Triple has Three Latex Reeds and Reproduces the growl, bugle, and chuckle of the herd bull.
Lynch Diaphram Calls
Easily emit yelps, clucks, putts and cackles with Flextone's Turkey Man Series Feather Cutter Turkey Diaphragm Call. Created by World Champion Caller Eddie Salter, his triple-reed call has three ultrathin prophylactic reeds with a "V" cut. This design requires less air and tongue pressure. Aluminum frame.
Primos Cash Cow All-In Elk Mouth Call
The Cash Cow series are premium mouth calls designed for serious elk hunters. The Cash Cow series of mouth calls are sure to help get those big bulls coming in and help you Speak the Language. The Primos Cash Cow custom designed mouth calls are extremely sensitive and realistic. The Cash Cow All In utilizes a large Crown Frame for truly accurate nasal elk sounds. This call works best for those with medium to large palates. This call is exceptional for bugling and cow elk sounds. Three Latex Reeds.
Hunters Specialties HS Strut? Closer Wild Turkey Box Call
The Closer is a handmade, hybrid boat-paddle-style call that produces a wide range of turkey sounds. It has plenty of volume for running and gunning, but is capable of soft yelps and clucks when a bird is working close. The Closer is waterproof and works equally well rain or shine. It's one-piece poplar body and cherry lid give it a great custom look and feel. The lid is held in place with a screw-under-spring tension, making it easy to tune if needed. The Closer also has an attached elastic band to silence it when you're on the move.
Hunters Specialties HS Strut? Premium Flex Diaphragm Turkey Calls
Infinity Latexis precision processed latex which makes longer lasting calls that are more consistent and just sound better. Our proprietary process ensures precision stretching of the latex in an exact 180? arc, while precisely locking it into place for consistent sound. That's the Premium Flexadvantage. Double Dead features two ultra-thin reeds with special cut top reed. Power V features four reed, split V style gives ultimate in raspy calling. Raspy Old Hen features two reeds with double-split top reed. Cutt'n 2.5 features two ultra-thin reeds with special cut top reed.
Hunters Specialties HS Strut? Small Frame Diaphragm Turkey Calls
For smaller mouths of junior callers or adults with small palates. Features new blue colored tape and Infinity Latex® for calling consistency. Double D features two ultra-thin reeds. Raspy Old Hen features two ultra-thin double split reeds produce the most realistic sounds of a raspy hen.
Hunters Specialties HS Strut? Tone Trough Diaphragm Turkey Calls
Tone Trough Turkey Diaphragm Calls create the perfect pressures and assist with placement in the caller's mouth for easier calling. Orange tape with Premium Flex frame and Infinity Latex make for durable, long lasting calls that produce consistent tones. Split V II features two thin reeds with a Split V cut for great yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs. Raspy Old Hen features two reeds with Double Split top reed for raspy yelps and soft calls. Great for beginners.
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Poly/Slate Pot Call with wood striker. Pallbearer Dugout pre-chalked box Call. Original strut double reed, custom cut Mouth Call.
Hunters Specialties HS Strut? Raspy Old Hen Glass Wild Turkey Call
The Raspy Old Hen glass turkey call offers hunters a great sounding call at an affordable price. The Raspy Old Hen allows hunters to produce a wide range of turkey sounds, from soft yelps to loud, excited cutting. It has a custom-molded pan for outstanding consistency. Included are a carbon striker and our double-reed Raspy Old Hen Premium Flex? diaphragm call, which features a double-split top reed for extra rasp and volume.
Primos Cash Cow Money Maker Elk Mouth Call
The Cash Cow series are premium mouth calls designed for serious elk hunters. The Cash Cow series of mouth calls are sure to help get those big bulls coming in and help you Speak the Language. The Primos Cash Cow custom designed mouth calls are extremely sensitive and realistic. The Cash Cow Money Maker utilizes our Sound Plate design that automatically positions the call in your mouth at the correct angle. Making accurate calling much easier. This call is excellent for cow mews and cow estrus sounds. Two Latex Reeds.
Hunters Specialties HS Strut? Undertaker Diaphragm Call Sickle Cut
Premium aluminum frame call custom fits to the user's mouth while Infinity Latex® produces consistent tones. Black tape with red reed accent. Includes Diaphragm Call Clip. UT-1 features three reeds with Split V cut for crisp to raspy yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs. UT-2 features three thin reeds with The Fang cut for deep and raspy yelps, cutts and purrs. UT-3 features three thin reeds with Batwing cut for soft to raspy yelps and purrs. UT-4 features three thin reeds with Sickle cut for raspy kee-kees, clucks, cutts and purrs.
This is the deer's language. Works on all species. Easy to use. A year around deer call. Fits in your pocket. Great for calling all predators.
E.L.K. Call Replacement Bands
$1.29 - $2.49
Replacement bands for the Cow Talk, Larynx Bull, Deer Talk, Turkey Talk, Antelope Talk, Hi-Pitch, Power Bugle, Royal Bugle and Deluxe Cow Talk calls.
Point Blank Knockdown Elk Calls
$7.19 - $8.49
Elk calls for young, medium and mature bulls. Available in one, two or three reeds.
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